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This training is for you if this sounds like something you’d say:

“I want to become a yoga teacher!”

Fantastic ~ You’re in the right place and can’t wait to meet you! I’m honored you have decided to consider training with Yoga DharmaNation on your path to becoming a teacher!

“I want to deepen my knowledge base, but probably not teach!”

Splendid ~ You’re in the right place and can’t wait to meet you! The course is designed to deepen your understanding of yoga for all that wish to fully immerse themselves in the training, but certification is 100% optional with zero pressure!

“I already teach, but am a major yoga geek!”

Magical ~ You’re in the right place and can’t wait to meet you! I’m right there with you and have waaaaaay too many training hours to count as well! Good news is this program will fulfill your 2021 & 2022 Continuing Education (CEU) hours with Yoga Alliance!

Keep in mind that this training will have plenty of physical asana practices, but will most likely not be geared towards someone looking for a strictly physical approach to learning yoga. All sessions will include aspects of asana, pranayama, meditation, anatomy, philosophy, lectures, and dynamic group discussions.

Course Description

Whether your goal is to teach yoga one day or to take your knowledge to the next level for personal enrichment, the Yoga DharmaNation 200-Hr Yoga Teacher Training is your opportunity to dive deeper into the multi-faceted aspects of yoga on and off your mat.

This 6-month program is designed to give you time and space to cultivate a more intimate understanding of your own practice, immerse yourself in the abundant philosophy/mythology of yoga history, and gain the skills necessary to facilitate an informed yoga class – if that’s where your path leads!

“Many Paths. One Dharma. Reveal Yours!”

Dharma is a Sanskrit word that has its roots in both Indian and Bhuddist origins which speak of the aspect of our one truth, our divine duty, or the eternal and inherent nature of reality. Many of us have spent our lives Dharma “adjacent” and seem to be yearning for something a little deeper or something we just can’t seem to put our finger on.

This training program will encourage you to take an examined look at how your yoga practice has the capacity to transform not only your physical body, but to also transform your way of being in the world through the framework of a vinyasa yoga emphasis.

You will be encouraged to trust your intuitive nature, to hone your critical thinking, and to spark a curiosity that draws you deeper into your yoga practice.

In a world of instant-downloads, same day deliveries, and fast-fashion; Yoga DharmaNation believes that some things just need to take their time to develop & manifest. The 6-month curriculum has been designed in a step-by-step approach that builds from session to session granting you time to receive the teachings, reflect on the information, formulate an opinion, ask questions and implement what resonates most into your life/practice.

The Yoga Dharmanation 200-Hour Teacher Training invites you to apply to the program if this training, the format, and the content resonate with you. All applications are submitted in confidence and will only be reviewed by the program director, Kenny Landis, E-RYT 500, and any support faculty that may be part of your training.

The applications are not to establish an individual’s merit for the program, but rather to gain a better understanding of your background, expectations of the program, as well as our ability to meet those expectations.

Meet Your Teacher & Facilitator!

Kenny Landis, E-RYT 500 – YACEP

Kenny’s journey into yoga has been a series of happen chances starting from his first yoga class in a group fitness class at his gym many years ago – it was not his favorite experience! His journey has always paralleled between his success in the traditional corporate environment and his passion for studying yoga and the interplay they both have in our modern culture of the “more is more” mentality. Throughout his time as both a student and teacher of yoga, Kenny has had the great opportunity to study with many of yoga’s contemporary wisdom keepers and yoga luminaries.

In 2014, he co-founded YogaLab NorthWest, the leading yoga training & workshop-based production company attracting international teachers from around the globe to the Seattle & Portland area.

In 2016, Kenny became the Director of Logistics & Communication as well as served as a teacher training faculty member for an international alignment based yoga teacher training school, where he brought his business acumen and experience in Training & Development to support the expansion of global and domestic programs for the next 4 years.

Kenny holds a high regard for the lineages of yoga, the nuances of modern interpretation of the discipline and the importance of having fun while learning the depths of the yoga practices. This attention to detail afforded Kenny the opportunity to serve on the Quality Control team for Gaia Online, the largest online collection of online yoga streaming programming.

He brings his keen eye into every class he teaches threading insights not only from posture to posture, but from class to class. You can expect to see physical challenges and philosophical themes carried across multiple weeks in order to provide the space for you to be a student of the practices and explore not only your physical possibilities but ultimately your mental landscape while on the yoga mat.

Kenny views yoga as a practice of introspection and personal growth built on the foundation, we lay for ourselves daily. He is enthralled with the endless journey that combines the calming of your mind, tuning into every fiber of your body, and the pure athleticism of dynamic asana and their ability to transform our lives!

He invites you to join him on this journey to reveal your path – to explore your dharma – in a non-dogmatic approach to studying the many traditions and many practices of yoga!

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