This new venture of mine has definitely taught me patience in so many ways. First off, the remodel. Wow. There is so much that has to happen before all of the things that make the space beautiful get done. That prep takes 90% of the time. Remodeling a space that has been a home to fast food establishments for many decades into a yoga studio definitely has its challenges. That being said, it is moving much faster now. The beautiful cork flooring will be so nice, cozy, and warm to practice on. I am very excited to share this space with all of you soon. We are still trying to open before the end of the year. I will keep you all posted on that and  soon be releasing the schedule and membership options.

On another note, I am happy to announce that I am continuing my training through 90 Monkeys! Amy Ippoliti inspired me when I started taking her classes on Glo. One night, I felt stuck and wanted to find a yoga retreat to attend. Amy came to mind so I googled her to learn more about her. That was when I came across her company 90 Monkeys. Discovering she would be in Seattle in a few short weeks seemed serendipitous as she travels all over the world. The fact that she was going to be in our backyard was the universe speaking to me. Also, out of all the things Amy teaches, this particular workshop was titled “The Art & Business of Teaching Yoga.” Perfect timing! Everything definitely comes to you at the right moment.

I quickly booked the class and attended November 7th-10th. It was life changing. I found my new yoga tribe. I met so many wonderful people and Amy’s teachings resonated with me. So much, that not only am I going to continue my training with her, I am going to do my 200 hour training again with Amy so that I can truly be part of her lineage. I start in January traveling to Boulder, Co 5 days a month for 5 months.

I am so grateful for my new yoga tribe and for the opportunity to bring what I learn to all of you. Check out the following links if you want to learn more about the teachings I am learning and will be sharing with all of you.

With Gratitude,