Energy Exchange

At ZenSoul, we believe that yoga is a lifestyle that should be available to any and all who are called to make the effort and shift in perspective.

Because we understand the power of living from yoga’s roots, our studio is committed to extending an opportunity to experience the myriad benefits of yoga to those who may otherwise be excluded due to circumstance. 

Our Energy Exchange program was designed specifically with our community in mind. We invite those who feel a deep draw to yoga to contact us about participating in this special opportunity to both partake in classes, and have a special hand in getting to know the studio.

Energy Exchange students will do exactly as the title suggests: in exchange for “energy” at the studio (cleaning responsibilities, assisting with sauna usage, restocking of supplies, etc.), we offer free tuition so that anyone who wants to experience yoga has the option to do so. We are so thrilled to be able to bring more yoga awareness into our beloved city, and encourage you to reach out for further information!